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A city building and management simulation video game

A city building and management simulation video game

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Program by: Colossal Order

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Colossal Order

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"Cities: Skylines" is a sandbox city simulation game that puts you in charge of developing and running a city. As the mayor, you'll do everything from setting the name of your town to guiding its development. You can even manipulate the land around your city, creating cozy mountain towns or beachfront properties. In "Cities: Skylines," you'll build your city using residential, commercial and industrial properties. Having a mix of all three will ensure your town grows from a small village to a bustling metropolis. Along the way, you'll need to place unique buildings to make sure that you are meeting the needs of your citizens. For example, a hospital will help cure the sick while a police station will keep crime down.

Take Control of the Tiniest Details

Once you have the basics of your city laid out, the fun is only just getting started in "Cities: Skylines." You'll need to carefully plan out the electric and sewage systems using a grid-based system. The game uses a complex traffic engine to simulate real-life traffic. For example, if you build too small of a road near your shopping center you can expect traffic jams at all hours. A unique day and night cycle will change how your city acts. For example, your commercial districts will have less traffic as stores close for the evening.

You have full control of your city's budget, including the tax rate and any special policies. You can enact policies on a district-by-district basis as well. For example, you can set up a policy that benefits residential homes in a poorer part of the city while enacting a different policy in more affluent parts of your town.


  • Beautiful graphics bring your city to life
  • Deep gameplay with almost infinite replayability
  • Extensive support for mods


  • A subpar tutorial that doesn't fully explain the game mechanics